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Norbury Old Hall,

Norbury Hollow, Derbyshire

Grade 1 Listed Building (NHLE: 1281200); Norbury Conservation Area

Historic Building Recording and Laser Scan to inform Conservation Managament of the Property

OASIS: thejesso1-317405

The JESSOP Consultancy were commissioned to undertake a review of all previous surveys and reports written for Norbury Manor on behalf of the National Trust. A detailed photographic survey and laser scan were undertaken to allow for a full re-interpretation of the buildings, the earliest is a first floor hall dating to the 12th Century.

The site of Norbury Old Manor was the principal seat of the Fitzherbert family from 1125 until 1649, and thereafter remained in family ownership until 1872 when it was purchased by Samuel Clowes. The estate had fallen into disuse by the 20th century and was subsequently bought and renovated by Marcus Stapleton Martin in the 1960s-70, who bequeathed it to the National Trust in 1987. 

The property, as it remains today, includes a stone wing of the medieval manor and a brick-built house of the 17thcentury structured around a central courtyard. Overlying this core fabric is evidence of the numerous alterations and additions of its previous owners which preserves the story of how the manor developed and make an important contribution to the special character of the place.

Through a detailed assessment of the standing fabric of Norbury Old Hall, in combination with an expansive reassessment of the history of the property and previous accounts produced of its development, it has been possible to put forward a new account of its phased development, comprising of at least 10 phases of change and alteration.

The digital recording that has been undertaken in the form of a laser scan and photogrammetry. The data will allow the National Trust to monitor the building and it can be as a basis for detailing future repairs, or structural investigations.

Scope of work: archive research, measured survey, laser scanning, photogrammetry, architectural photography